Breaking into Brokerage: the 3 STEPS to Selling Superyachts

The Breaking in to Brokerage webinar provides a detailed roadmap for folk who want to transform their lives by entering the yachting industry. If you dream of being a part of the glamorous and lucrative yachting industry then this webinar is for you. 

The 3 steps we will discuss in this LIVE FREE Webinar

 If you believe that you have the potential to live an exciting and fulfilling lifestyle, make life-changing commission cheques, and do business with the world's super-rich...then this webinar is for you. The webinar will give practical advice that will lead you to making decisions that can put you in a position to sell yachts, to be accepted as a yacht broker in the world's leading brokerage firms, to find yacht buyers and to identify yacht sellers.

Step #1

How do you put yourself in a position to become a yacht broker?

Step #2

How much money can be earned as a yacht broker?

Step #3

What valuable connections should you make to further your career?


Hosted by a Top Yacht Broker 

Join me, David Seal, in an insightful webinar that's set to empower your yacht brokerage career.

I have been immersed in the yachting industry for nearly thirty years, and my knack for commercial strategy and my ability to connect with people was first recognized at the Ferretti Yachts factory back in 1995. When the Ferretti Group took over the CRN shipyard in 2001, I took a spot in the sales office, and by 2006, my extensive network and solid reputation had set the stage for my transition into a yacht broker.

Through the years, I've sold numerous vessels, including one of the largest yachts on the planet. Even during the 2008 financial crisis, I kept my sails unfurled. I was the pioneer behind the first yacht walkthrough channel on YouTube, a venture that has outstripped all other Brokerage YouTube channels in viewership, despite many attempting to replicate the concept.

My marketing prowess in the high-end yacht domain has secured enduring connections with the most esteemed yacht builders globally. Now, I'm sharing my invaluable insights and vast experiences through the Yacht Broker Masterclass Course. This is my brainchild, born from the desire to address the hundreds of requests I get each year from my YouTube audience, all eager to learn the ropes of the yacht brokerage trade.

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