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David Seal has been in the yachting industry for nearly 30 years. In 1995 he worked at the Ferretti Yachts factory in Italy translating and developing technical manuals where his commercial savvy and people skills were quickly spotted. He was assigned to the Sales Office of the CRN shipyard when Ferretti Group purchased it in 2001. 

By 2006 he had developed an outstanding network of contacts and an enviable reputation for ensuring that the yachts produced by CRN would be sold, either directly to clients or through international yacht brokers. It surprised nobody when he became a yacht broker himself in 2006.

After selling one of the world’s largest yachts along with numerous smaller vessels and surviving the world financial crisis of 2008, David identified the need to market yachts in a more dynamic and proactive manner, so he developed the world’s first yacht walkthrough YouTube channel. This eventually grew to a suite of three channels that are viewed by more people than every other Brokerage YouTube channel in the world combined, in spite of many other brokerage companies emulating the business model. 

His reputation and ability to market yachts at the highest level has allowed him to build relationships with the world’s greatest yacht builders and he is regularly invited to speak publicly about the knowledge and insight he has gained from his experience.

After working with some of the world’s most successful yacht brokers, and having gone through the joys of success and the hardships of failure he is now ready to pass on to you everything you need to know to take your professional life to the next level and enjoy a successful career as a yacht broker. 

Thie Yacht Broker Masterclass Course course is in response to the hundreds of requests he receives every year from YouTube viewers who dream of a business in yacht brokerage.

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